How to Install Hotstar Premium App 2022 for Free

Hotstar Premium

We all need to relax our minds after the heavy workload of our daily routine. There are several ways to entertain ourselves. Some people love to play games, and some prefer reading. Others might be fond of watching movies or entertainment shows. Hotstar is an entertainment application where you can stream live cricket, movies, drama … Read more

How to activate Dish Anywhere on a new Platform/device?

activate dish anywhere

Before Moving towards How to Activate dish Anywhere let we have some basic understandings about Dish Anywhere. Dish Anywhere is a streaming platform where you can watch movies, TV shows, Sports, comedy and a lot more. Dish Anywhere allows you to watch your favorite content on demand. Dish Anywhere library consist of 50,000 + movies … Read more

How To Activate Sony Crackle On Any Device?

activate sony crackle

Before moving forward to activate Sony Crackle on different devices let we overview what is Sony Crackle. Sony Crackle is one of the leading Streaming app. Sony Crackle allows you to stream  movies, TV shows, supports, Dramas, and comedy shows. The most interesting factor which makes Sony Crackle App perfect is its streaming with no … Read more

How to activate Tubi TV on different devices?

activate tubi tv

Before proceeding towards How to Activate Tubi TV on different devices let we have an overlook what is Tubi TV. Tubi Tv is a free streaming service with a vast verity of movies and TV shows. Tubi Tv is an ad supported service which is owned by Fox Cooperation. Tubi TV was founded by Farhad … Read more

How to activate Blaze TV on Various Devices/ Platforms?

activate blaze tv

In this guide we will learn to activate Blaze TV on various devices/platforms. Blaze Tv is  is a streaming service which offers you verity of programs like cooking, gardening, fitness, movies, live shows, live TV, and much more. One of the best thing about Blaze TV is that it does not require any cable provider … Read more

How to activate TruTV on different Devices?

activate TruTV

Before we learn How to Activate TruTv on different let we discuss what is TruTV. TruTV is one of the leading entertainment service which covers series, movies and comedy and much more. Basically, TruTV is an American TV channel launched in 1991 as Court TV. TruTV was launched in America in the beginning. Now a … Read more

How to activate Fox Now on different devices?

activate fox now

Fox Now is a streaming platform where we can watch movies, episodes, live events, dramas, and other TV shows. It too gives you facility to watch your favorite Fox Programs on demand. We simply need to install Fox Now app to enjoy all these features. Fox Now application work on android devices as well as … Read more

How to activate iHeartRadio on Various devices/Platforms

Activate iHeartradio

Do you want to listen live radio statins, music, news and podcasts for free? Here is the best solution for you. iHeartRadio is the one of best digital radio which allows you to listen to your favorite  radio stations of any country. Not only radio statins it also gives you opportunity to listen music, news, … Read more

Activate Epix Now On Any Device | Epixnow.Com/Activate


It is possible to view live channels on Epix, allowing you to watch and enjoy entertainment while it is now happening. They also have earlier theatrically released movie pictures, original television shows, documentaries, music and comedy specials, and music videos and comedy specials. How to activate Epix now? To begin, you’ll need access to Epix. … Read more