How to Download Movies from MLSBD

What is MLSBD Website

We are familiar with torrent websites which help us to download our favorite movies. MLSBD is one of the Bangladesh based torrent website. MLSBD stands for movies link store Bangladesh.

MLSBD website facilitate the audience of Bangladesh to download movies and stream live videos. With its amazing features MLSBD is gaining popularity among people day by day.

Today we are going to discuss how to download latest released movies by MLSBD website. The most common problem we face as a movie lover that we can’t download our favorite movies just after they are released.

The reason behind this is we don’t know right platform for our favorite movies. Today in this article we will learn to overcome this problem. We will dig into to detailed ways to download our favorite movies by using MLSBD website.

MLSBD Movies Download

MLSBD website offers you two kinds of outstanding feature

  • Watch your favorite movie in original language.
  • Watch your desired movie in Bangla Dubbing.

So if you love to watch Hindi movies you can simply download it from MLSBD website. Too  you can download the same movie in Bangla Dubbing also. For those who love to watch English movies they can download their favorite movies from MLSBD website in English as well as Bangla Dubbing.

Features of MLSBD.

There are some amazing features of MLSBD which make it more perfect.

Large list of Bangla movies on MLSBD.

MLSBD library include a large number of movies. The movies can be downloaded even in Hindi, English or Bangla Dubbing. Something more interesting is that MLSBD website too include latest movies released recently.

High Definition Content.

MLSBD website offers you high-definition content quality. You can make a choice between 720p and 1080p while downloading your favorite movie from MLSBD.

Live Movie Streaming.

MLSBD allows you to watch movies and video content online. Although, live streaming is a good feature, but we recommend you to download movie first for better experience.

Dubbed Movies.

Language barrier can be a big problem for movie lovers. But if you are on MLSBD website you are free of this tension. You can watch movies in multiple dubbed languages according to your own choice.

Free of cost.

Finally, the most attractive feature is entertainment with no cost. You can enjoy a lot of movies without paying anything. This makes MLSBD more popular among people.


As a free movie website, the categories of MLSBD are quite surprising. In these categories you can find large number of movies and web series. Some of the categories of MLSBD website are described below.

MLSBD Bollywood.

Most of us love to watch Bollywood movies. No doubt there are available number of platforms for downloading Bollywood movies. But all of them are not user friendly as MLSBD website. So you can download your favorite Bollywood movies in Hindi or Bangla Dubbing through MLSBD website.

MLSBD Hollywood.

There is craze for Hollywood movies in the people. Hollywood movies cover the wide entertainment categories using advance technology and resources. So English movies are very popular among people for their unique content.

So if you too are in love with Bollywood movies then there is no other better platform for you than MLSBD website. You can download Bollywood movies in English and too in Bangla dubbing using MLSBD website.

MLSBD Animation Movies.

Animation movies are the computer animated movies with the help of certain cartoon characters. The content of animated movies can be based on real or on fictional stories. Animation movies are loved all over the word by people of all age group.

In order to download animated movies MLSBD website is best platform. Thousands of animated movies are available on MLSBD website. You can watch your favorite animated movies in English or Bangla dubbing according to your taste.

MLSBD Bangla Movies.

Top-rated Bangla movies are available on MLSBD website. It consist of old and newly released Bangla movies. All these movies are available in HD format and in multiple languages dubbing.

MLSBD South Indian Movies.

If you are South Indian movies lover MLSBD is a perfect choice for you. Many south Indian movies are available to download. All the movies in that category are blockbuster and acclaimed.

MLSBD Web Series.

In last few years web series has gained attention of people. Now a days there are many people who love to watch web series. MLSBD has separate web series category. Where you can download web series in HD quality.

TV Serials and Episodes.

If you are fond of watching TV serials and episodes MLSBD website allows you to download number of TV serials and episode without charging any cost.

 MLSBD apk download.

Mobile applications are the best software version of any website. They can be accessed and operated easily. So, most of the audience is looking for mobile apps to download their favorite movies.

As for MLSBD is concerned they have not launched their app yet. But you don’t need to worry. Because you still can download your desired movies on your mobile phone by MLSBD website.

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How to download movies on Mobile Phone by MLSBD?

  • First of all, open any web browser
  •  Search for MLSBD official website.
  • Select the movies you want to download.
  • Select the video quality you want to watch.
  • A new tab will open automatically.
  • Click the download button under the movie picture.
  • Your movie will start downloading.

How to download movies by MLSBD on Computer/Laptop?

  • On your computer go to a web browser.
  • Access to MLSBD official website.
  • Search your favorite movie you want to download.
  • Choose your desired video quality to download.
  • Select the folder on your laptop/computer where you want to download movie.
  • Click the download button to continue.
  • Your movie will start downloading in couple of seconds.


We have gone through details of MLSBD website. If you are looking for movies and web series in Bangla dubbing, then MLSBD is good choice for you. It is free of cost charging you no money. If you are looking for Hollywood movies with advance feature then a paid option like Netflix is best for you.