Takhatgarh Season 1 Review and Takhatgarh Season 2 Upcoming

Movies and web series have been great source of entertainment. They help us to relax our mind and forget our depression of workload. Today we are going to review newly released web series Takhatgarh Season 1.

Here is the cast and direction of web Series Takhatgarh.

Web Series Takhatgarh
Written & Directed by Baljeet Noor
Starring Dheeraj Kumar, Ashish Duggal, Malkeet Rauni,Paramveer Singh, Neetu Pandher, Suvinder Vicky, Lakhwinder, Pali Sandhu, Rimple Dhindsa, Harman Dhilon, Raj Jodhan, Neet Mahal
Produced By Kuldeep Dhaliwal (USA), Gurdeep Dhaliwal (USA), Gurjit Singh Dhaliwal
Singers Nachhatar Gill, Gurdas Gill, Manjeet Nikki, Sidhu
Vfx & Visual Promotion Clap Studioz

Takhatgarh Season 1 Review

The first Episode of Takhatgarh named Jigra was released on May 6, 2022. The episode begins with a shot of Dheeraj Kumar. Dheeraj Kumar is no doubt a good actor. As for his acting is concerned it’s fine in the episode. But the voice over behind his acting does not feel like in natural Hindi tone. Its not Dheeraj Kumar voice but still the voice over seems like as someone is forcefully speaking Hindi instead of Panjabi.

As Dheeraj Kumar is a Hindi speaking actor. So, it would have been better to cast a Hindi speaking actor who can deliver dialogs with natural Hindi Tone. If Dheeraj Kumar was already finalized for Takhatgarh Season 1 then at least someone with good Hindi speaking skills should have been there to deliver voice over.

Apart from the audio of the Takhatgarh web Series there are too many errors in the video also. There are too many cuts in a single piece of scene that can be clearly noticed. Beside this there are too many jumps from one scene to other scene. This all make a bad impression on the fluency of the episode.

Along with the problems in continuity of scenes there are too many slow-motion scenes. The rush of slow-motion scenes after scenes makes it quit boring and it lack attraction of the audience. The video should have been engaging to keep the audience interest in web series.

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Background of Takhatgarh series

The story of Takhatgarh series is based upon the politics of the district Bathinda. Takhatgarh is situated in the Bathinda. Bathinda has borders common with Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan. The scenes of Takhatgarh are supposed to be recorded in Bathinda. But if you are from Chandigarh and Mohali area you will be confused with the locations. You can clearly note the roads and streets of Chandigarh and Mohali in the scenes.

Takhatgarh Series cast

The script of Takhatgarh is written by Baljeet Noor and too directed by him. The producers of the series are Kuldeep Dhaliwal (USA), Gurdeep Dhaliwal (USA), Gurjit Singh Dhaliwal.

When it comes to actors there is an abundance of Punjabi actors, like Dheeraj Kumar, Ashish Duggal, Malkit Roni, or Lakhwinder Lakha. Off course they are good actors and they have produces successful movies in the past. But their previous movies were in Panjabi, and they too are Panjabi actors. So, it was better to cast the Takhatgarh in Panjabi instead of Hindi.

Takhatgarh Season 2 Upcoming

At the moment Takhatgarh Season 1 is ongoing.  The season 2 of Takhatgarh is not released yet. Surely, we will provide you detailed review once it is released. At this time enjoy watching Takhatgarh web series Season 1.

End Notes

In the end we conclude our article that overall Takhatgarh web series is good enough to entertain you. There are some language barriers in voice over. Too there exist poor visual and video edition. We hope that the producers will overcome these faults in coming episodes of Season 1 and in upcoming Takhatgarh Season 2.